Micellis: A unique burst of flavors in each bite.

• Environment: The place’s location is a bit confusing since there are two Sgbl in jal el dib, but once you realize that, its very easy to find the place, and you will be glad that you did!
From the moment you arrive, you will see how friendly and welcoming the staff are, including the owner.
The place is very original, decorated in a very casual but classy way. A bar containing almost any type of beer you can think of immediately caught our attention.

When the owner started telling us the place’s story, we were impressed. We highly recommend him to write it on the papers that he uses below the plates!
We will be brief and say that this place only serves pizza because its they are aware that their pizza is exceptional! No one should go there to taste anything else, that’s the point!

The place’s decoration instantly gives you the cozy vibes of a casual dining place.

• Order: Peperoni pizza and the Sun island one.
Wow. That was a major change from all the pizza we have been having. Its not that previous ones were not good, it is just that they all somehow taste the same and the major change in the pizza usually is an extra cheese who adds some taste.
Here, our pizza experience was totally different. We could actually taste several ingredients that all blend together perfectly.
The peperoni is the best I have tasted so far.





The sun island is topped with bresola, mango slices, mozarella and other ingredients that perfectly mix together.


“A unique burst of flavors in each bite” is what summarizes our pizza experience at Micelli’s!

The pizza dough could be slightly improved but the success of the pizza is truly the ingredients and the perfect dosage of each ingredient in their pizza.
You will notice that the pizza are very original, and you might wonder how did they come up with a mix like that, its the owner’s mother who is behind all of this chef d’oeuvres!

The beer was amazingly delicious.

What best than having a tasty beer along with batons salés and bread?



Having it with your succulent pizza!


For desserts, the owner offered us a complementary lemon cheesecake which, even though we are not fans of lemon desserts, was really good! The lemon flavor in it is so light and the whole bite melts in your mouth!
Thumbs up for the originality, freshness and delicious taste!
Definitely recommended.
Micelli's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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