La Mie Dorée, Ashrafieh – Catering.

Environment: The reputation of this place says it all. 30 years of success is what characterizes La Mie Dorée. Their catering is always on point and served in the mmost professional way.


Order: We got the chance to taste of bit of everything that was on the menu. The presentation was simply amazing, just a look at it was mouthwatering.

-The mini donuts, full of colors, tasted amazingly good: Just the right amount of sweetness.


The mini burgers were delicious, although a bit more juiciness would have been perfect.


The tuna bites were good, they were not as impressive as the other items though.IMG_7029.JPG

The ham sandwiches were tasty, filled with a generous slice of ham and pickles.A bit more butter would have been great for a less dry taste though.


– The mini kebbe were one of the best I had: perfect bites.

The mini pizzas were also really good. The crust was fluffy and the mix juicy.


The mini hot dogs are to die for!

The manakish zaatar were average

– The mini chocolate crepes were okay but could be much tastier if filled a bit more generously!



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