In Diner Express – Dekweneh

Environment: The catchy colors of this place caught our attention while craving food at 12 am. The place was still open. It is not a fancy place, more like a casual dine in place in which we directly felt really comfortable.

The staff was very welcoming and the manager started recommending items and explaining the menu and their best items to us.
Everything was clean from the tables to the toilets to the kitchen.
The order took an average time to be prepared and was served at a great temperature.

Order: – The California Chicken Burger Combo (served with a large box of fries and a cheddar sauce and a soft drink)



The chicken mozarella burger is served with tons of fries and cheddar sauce. The packaging of that one is to be reconsidered though because how it compresses the burger which makes it less appealing.
The chicken in the burger was soft and well cooked. It made the very simple burger taste great. The burger could have used a little more sauce.

– Chicken Crispers (served with fluffy bread, coleslaw, fries and cheddar cheese)


The chicken crispers were extremely satisfying, its been ages since we last had them taste that good. The bun dipped in cheddar was mouthwatering, it is one of the fluffiest buns we tasted so far.

The portion of fries served with both items is huge and the fries dipped in their cheddar dip were delicious.
The overall experience was a great one, the prices are very fair for the huge portions that you get.


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