Diwan Beirut- Ashrafieh

Environment: From the moment we entered, the staff welcomed us in in their spacious and very nicely decorated place. We loved the details of the place, especially the walls covered with green plants which embellish the place.

The tables are family size inside (The place also offers a small outdoor terrace with smaller tables) and are quite classy. The overall place looks clean and the waiters and runners were present throughout the meal.
The service was really good at first but then it gone really bad. The manager tried to do his best however to fix the staff’s mistakes.
Order: The menus are extremely rich in variety; we ordered a 1/2 farrouj, chawarma platter, hommos and siyadiye.
They offer you batons sale and nuts as soon as you order.
Drinks arrived quickly and the waiters were really attentive up to the moment we took our order.
The chawarma arrived first, without the hommos that was asked to be delivered with it. After 7 minutes, the siyadiyye arrived with the farrouj but there was still no hommos. We asked for it 3 times then asked the manager who said it was not typed in the order… He went to the kitchen and got us a hommos even though the chawarma got cold. There were no spoons served with the tarator or hommos.

– The chawarma are served with a side platters of tomatos, pickles, tarator… as well as hot bread.The chawarma were very dry, they used to be much tastier back then.

The hommos was tasteless, nothing like the one they served when they used to do it on their own.




-The Siyadiye is served with a side salad and comes in a huge portion and nice presentation. It completely lacked taste however.


The 1/2 Farrouj is served with fries and garlic. 

It was juicy and tasted good and I requested pure garlic along with it which they got me. The fries though were soaked in oil and were not good at all.


The overall taste of the dishes was tasteless to average.
None of us finished their plate.
Luckily, the generous fruits and sweets that they get after lunch were really tasty and saved our lunch!


Prices are really good.
Overall experience disappointing compared to the Diwan I used to recommend!


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