Deek Duke, Hamra

Environment: The place is cozy with an original decoration. It is usually quite calm.
The staff was very smiley, welcoming, very responsive and helpful with the menu and specialties.
I honestly believe that smiley staff makes your lunch/diner more pleasant.
The service was quick and the appetizers were served first as we asked for.

Order: The real deal, press me burger and the Oreo delight.
The real deal consists of chicken skewers, cheese balls, halloumi sticks, chicken tenders and Wings. We changed the tenders for extra cheese balls because last time the tenders were the least tasty.
The presentation was good and the portion is fulfilling. All of the items were hot and tasty except for the cheese balls (our favorite) which were not completely fried (not crispy and cold from the inside). As soon as they were informed, they got us another portion of them which were mouthwatering as they used to be: A crispy layer wrapping a generous amount of delicious melted cheese inside it, completely dipped in their thousand island sauce. This is the appetizer I recommend personally.
The chicken skewers are tasty especially if you are on a diet you could have them. I think I might add a honey mustard sauce with the real deal next time.
(The rest of the items were good but nothing special about them.)



The beef press burger was delicious. You should really love cheese for this item as it is the dominant taste because of the huge amount that flows as soon as bite the burger. The side curly fries and coleslaw salad were good too.




For dessert, we had the Oreo delight. It was the first time I order it and I liked it. It consists of chunks of oreo in ice cream cake topped with chocolate and caramel.
Yummy. It tastes really good although I would suggest a bit more oreos so that we would taste them more in it !




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