B-DOOZ, Hazmieh

The overall experience could be defined by average.

Environment: The place is vast and perfectly clean, the kitchen is semi open (with glasses everywhere) which we loved.
The manager welcomed us in and the staff was nice and knowledgable.
The place has some really nice decoration and really nice concepts all over it and quotes.
I think this place has a lot of potential but some things need to be improved.
Order: Shawarma djej, shawarma lahme and double decker burger with extra breaded mozarella.
-The burger, served with fries and coleslaw:

The burger was okay, the meat which is an Angus beef one was completely dry, it lacked juiciness and taste but there was too many other ingredients in the burger which compensated. The burger bun is good. The fries were okay but the coleslaw was not, it had too much mayo (even though we usually adore mayo) but it also had a weird taste.


b.jpg– The Shawarma:

As for the shawarma, I didnt have a good chicken shawarma like this for a long time. They have a very nice potential for the shawarma although there are two things that they could improve:
1. The presentation
2. They could add a bit more sauce to the sandwiches which would have made them perfect, especially the meat one which was dry.


Prices are fair.


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